World Schools' Orienteering 2015

Team Scotland Selection Races

The selection races for next year's World Schools' Championships are now confirmed for Sunday 5 October at Tentsmuir, Fife. The races are being held in conjunction with the KFO SoSol details of which will be posted here

Start times will be between 11.00 and 12.00 with strict time intervals between runners from the same School/Club.

There will be separate races for boys and girls with entries being made via the entry taker for the SoSol. Boys should enter: SSOA Boys with Girls entering SSOA Girls. Please remember to enter the School name in place of the Club. It would also be appreciated if those making entries could send a note of names to Blair Young so that the SSOA have an early indication of numbers taking part.

There is no running up or down at ISF events and we therefore cannot allow any runners competing out-with their grouping to be competitive. Please help us to achieve this as we are relying on Schools to check dates of birth. Please note details at the bottom of this information  -  particularly for the change to the Senior age group!

At the Championships all courses are of Tech 4 Standard and vary by course length. For selection purposes and in recognition that Schools who are selected have time for improvement, the Selection Races will be Tech 3 with a few Tech 4 controls on the course.

If you are unsure of these standards look read this PDF document about the step system

Eligability - This event is open to all students who participated in the Scottish Schools Orienteering Festival held in June 2014.

Selection criteria - the winning School Team will be decided by adding together the times of the first three runners on the course from each School. If the winning School declines the invitation to participate in WSCO 2015 the place may be offered to the next fastest School Team.

Thereafter the five fastest runners on each course who are not in the School Team selected for WSCO 2015 will be offered a place in the Scottish Select Team for the Championships. Where one of these runners turns down their selection the place may be offered to the next fastest competitor in the category.

Eligibility Forms - will be distributed at the end of the award ceremony. These will need to be returned by Saturday1 November to allow time to complete our entry forms for the Championships and start to arrange the flights etc.

WSCO 2015

The dates for the Championships are 18-24 April 2015.

At the moment by far the best flights both in terms of cost and travel time would mean the Team flying out a day early on the 17th and accessing accommodation for an extra night. At the moment it is difficult to give a final cost to competitors for the Championships as this will be determined by the final cost of flights to Turkey. It would be reasonable to assume a figure of £600-650.

Entry Fees for the Selection Races

The entry fee for the Selection Races will be the same as those set for the junior courses at the SoSol.

Final Details

These will be issued along with start times as soon as possible after the entries close.

Important Information - Age Groupings

2. Composition of teams and rules for participation

2.1. The competition is open both to school teams and selected teams. In both boys (M) and girls (W) categories, a country must have entered a school team before being allowed to enter a selected team in the same category.

Countries cannot register selected teams only.

There will be a competition organised in the following categories:

maximum two participants born in 1997

maximum two participants born in 1997

maximum two participants born in 1997

maximum two participants born in 1997

Each student may only compete in one team.

Please also note that no Team will be allowed to travel without at least 4 members. Qualification can be made with only 3 but at least 4 students need to be entered for the actual Championships.


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