Faro, Portugal

Report of the 2013 World Schools Orienteering Championships

Posted: 22nd April 2013

Congratulations to all athletes competing in the World Schools Orienteering Championships in Faro, Portugal.

Scotland had a successful week, bringing home 2 team medals and 5 individual medals.

Athletes had to battle soaring temperatures in tough terrain whilst competing for Scotland last week.


The first race was the middle, held in the forested sand dunes to the east of Monte Gordo. A fantastic setting for the event, with the start just a few hundred metres from the hotel and the finish on the beach!! Head high bushes led to difficult visibility, so you had to trust your compass work and keep confident to do well today. Temperatures climbed throughout the day, to reach the 30s by the time the later starters were out. One of our guides for the week was amused with our trouble with the heat, however she had never seen snow in her life! Scotland had many fantastic results today, to name a few:

Callum Hunter in the top 10 in the younger boys school category, less than a minute down on a podium finish.

Abigail Mason raced in to SILVER medal position in the younger girls school category.

In the M1 select class, Alexander Chepelin finished in BRONZE medal position, with Daniel Stansfield narrowly missing out on a podium by 2 seconds. A very tight race, where Alexander was winning half way round, until a 30 second mistake cost him the gold medal, with a similar story for Daniel who started really well, but a couple of mistakes in the middle of the course pushed him out of medal contention.

The Scottish girls dominated in the younger girls select category, with a SILVER medal for Emma Wilson and BRONZE for Clare Stansfield, with only 21 seconds separating them.

These results put the Scottish athletes in a good position for team results going in to the classic race, held 2 days later. We had sampled the terrain in the model event on the first day, but that wasn't to prepare us completely for what lay ahead. The team were bussed up into the hills, with views back down to the Meditteranean coast. The area was hilly (back to 5m contours!), open and completely covered in gorse and other such spiky bushes. As athletes started to trickle into the finish, looking completely shattered, we realised that it was going to be a tough day all round. Winning times ended up being about 50 to 60 minutes, and much bigger margins separating the runners in the results than in the middle. Scotland showed that they're not easily defeated with a few athletes again getting onto the podium:

Abigail Mason pulled out another brilliant performance by claiming her second SILVER of the competition in a time of 59 minutes and 14 seconds.

Alexander Chepelin was again the top Scot in the older boys select class, finishing in 6th place, narrowly beating Daniel Stansfield by 3 seconds to finish in 7th - fabulous result, but frustrating for him not to make it onto the podium by such a small margin again!

Emma Wilson and Clare Stansfield both had another great race finishing in 4th and 6th respectively.

The team results are calculated by adding together the top 3 times from both days in each class. There was BRONZE for the Banchory Academy girls and SILVER for the Select girls.

Scotland Results


M2 School

Callum Hunter 10th

Thomas Lines 17th

James Peden 40th

M2 Select

Samuel Galloway 12th

Ross McMurtrie 23rd

Ewan McMillan 26th

James Ackland 30th

Rowan White 39th

W2 School

Abigail Mason 2nd

Megan Ricketts 14th

Rosie Getliff 26th

Katie Skinner 33rd

Amy Hamilton mp

W2 Select

Emma Wilson 2nd

Clare Stansfield 3rd

Lindsay Robertson 31st

Roanne Lilley 37th

Emma Baird mp

M1 School

Alistair Walker 52nd

Alexander Fyfe 61st

M1 Select

Alexander Chepelin 2nd

Daniel Stansfield 7th

Callum White 22nd

Thomas Wilson 24th

Stuart Dingwall 60th


M2 School

James Peden 22nd

Callum Hunter 23rd

Thomas Lines 26th

M2 Select

Ewan McMillan 13th

Ross McMurtrie 20th

Samuel Galloway 26th

Rowan White 27th

James Ackland 47th

W2 School

Abigail Mason 2nd

Megan Ricketts 16th

Rosie Getliff 23rd

Katie Skinner mp

Amy Hamilton dnf

W2 Select

Emma Wilson 4th

Clare Stansfield 6th

Lindsay Robertson 12th

Emma Baird 16th

Roanne Lilley 32nd

M1 School

Alistair Walker 47th

Alexander Fyfe 68th

M1 Select

Alexander Chepelin 6th

Daniel Stansfield 7th

Thomas Wilson 34th

Callum White 44th

Stuart Dingwall 60th

Overall Team Results

M2 School, Oban High 7th

W2 School, Banchory Academy 3rd

M1 Select (nc) 4th

M2 Select 6th

W2 Select 2nd

At the World Schools, there is a strong tradition in emphasising fair play, world cultures and friendship. The Scotland team performed a ceilidh dance to the other nations and also held a stand promoting the traditions of Scotland (including tartan, shortbread, tablet, maps and more). At the end of the week all athletes (and coaches!) take part in a friendship relay. The organising committee put together roughly equal teams based on the results of the middle an long with a mix of countries in each team. Lindsay Robertson was on the podium for the athletes race and Lynn Young was in the winning coaches team!

For more information on the relay, cultural fayre and comments from the athletes themselves, see the next edition of SCORE!


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