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P5/6 Boys



Pos Name School P/S Year B/G Time Penalty
1st Ellis Hunter Taynuilt PS   00:07:00  
2nd Pierre Lardet Bo'ness PS   00:07:44  
3rd Matt Reid + Brockie Phiip Heriot PS   00:07:50  
4th Ewan Musgrave Kincardine O'Neill PS   00:07:51  
5th Neil Prichett Banchory PS   00:08:38  
6th Matthew Anderson Banchory PS   00:09:11  
7th Gregor Stewart + Callum White Gargieston PS   00:09:29  
8th Jack McConnell + Jamie Fowler Gargieston PS   00:09:30  
9th Thomas Black Crown PS   00:09:50  
10th Kyle King + Cameron Knox Gargieston PS   00:09:57  
11th Eddy Grahamslaw + Matthew Leonard Banchory PS   00:10:41  
12th Finlay Owen + Adam Hamilton Nether Currie PS   00:11:20  
13th Zander Cotton + Coll Dracup Nether Currie PS   00:11:37  
14th Edan Grange + Lawrence Petty Banchory PS   00:11:49  
15th Angus Boyd + Daniel Fleming Heriot PS   00:12:18  
16th Fraser Campbell Taynuilt PS   00:12:43  
17th Ryan Nurray + Ryan McDowall Gargieston PS   00:12:59  
18th Will Livingston Castle Douglas PS   00:13:14  
19th James Wilson Banchory PS   00:13:45  
20th Rhys Williams + Sam McKellar Gargieston PS   00:14:04  
21st Peter Hale + Thomas Ramsay Banchory PS   00:15:07  
22nd Kai Holmes + Khai Davidson Gargieston PS   00:15:53  
23rd Robert Connor + Mathew Spelman Gargieston PS   00:15:55  
24th Luke Drysdale + Neil Anderson Nether Currie PS   00:16:09  
25th Innes Ross + Noah Hughes Gargieston PS   00:16:38  
26th David Klein + Jack Cooper Gargieston PS   00:19:58  
27th Luke Charles Banchory PS   00:20:05  
28th Euan Twyford + Cameron Fraser Nether Currie PS   00:21:57 00:10:00
29th Hugo Bull Crathes PS   00:23:56  
30th Lewis Banks + Toby Robertson Gargieston PS   00:25:04  
31st Jamie McGregor Crathes PS   00:30:32 00:20:00
32nd Thomas Horrell Crathes PS   00:34:09 00:10:00
33rd Murray Fegan + Douglas Kenyon Nether Currie PS   00:40:23 00:20:00

P5/6 Girls



Pos Name School P/S Year B/G Time Penalty
1st Pippa Carcas George Heriots Jnr   00:06:53  
2nd Rachel Brown Bonaly PS   00:07:07  
3rd Cara Hargreaves Bonaly PS   00:07:39  
4th Rona Shearer Taynuilt PS   00:07:52  
5th Emma Stark + Ellie Wright Gargieston PS   00:08:04  
6th Heather Taylor George Heriots Jnr   00:08:31  
7th Rhiannon Davidson + Melissa Gray Gargieston PS   00:08:46  
8th Jennifer McClymont + Daisy Hogg Gargieston PS   00:08:50  
9th Lois McCreadie + Beth MacLean Gargieston PS   00:08:55  
10th Aisleen McGarvey + Maia Cowie Banchory PS   00:08:57  
11th Amber Graham Banchory PS   00:09:00  
12th Eve Corrigan George Heriots Jnr   00:09:06  
13th Sarah Cunningham + Amber Gagnon Gargieston PS   00:09:07  
14th Jennifer Heine Bonaly PS   00:09:36  
15th Rhianna Mitchell Bonaly PS   00:09:53  
16th Kara Kiddell + Eve Park Gargieston PS   00:09:56  
17th Katie Marshall + Laila Bradford Nether Currie PS   00:10:13  
18th Mo Inall Taynuilt PS   00:10:37  
19th Cara O'Brien + Mia Linklater George Heriots Jnr   00:10:50  
20th Eve Elliot + Erin Pryde Nether Currie PS   00:11:29  
21st Emily Mercer + Holly Broughton Banchory PS   00:11:35  
22nd Zoe Allison + Hannah Henderson Gargieston PS   00:11:43  
23rd Libby Urqhart + Amber Finlay Gargieston PS   00:12:12  
24th Kirsten Robertson Mosshead PS   00:12:57  
25th Georgia Ball + Chloe Moffat Nether Currie PS   00:13:24  
26th Eve Bryson + Amy Stewart Gargieston PS   00:13:43  
27th Taylor Slider + Sophie Kerr Gargieston PS   00:14:03  
28th Ceara Docherty + Hannah Johnston Gargieston PS   00:14:21  
29th Robyn Anderson Banchory PS   00:15:38  
30th Emma Laird + Sheree Connor Gargieston PS   00:21:47 00:10:00
31st Kirsty Patterson + Emma Hunter Gargieston PS   00:23:10 00:10:00
32nd Abbie Sharp + Katie Havlin Gargieston PS   00:23:20 00:10:00

P7 Boys


2.25km 15m

Pos Name School P/S Year B/G Time Penalty
1st Grant McMurtrie Torphins PS   00:13:10  
2nd Angus Fraser Torphins PS   00:15:49  
3rd Daniel Baird Taynuilt PS   00:15:51  
4th= Logan Burgess Torphins PS   00:16:39  
4th= Ronan Blackwood Crown PS   00:16:39  
6th Sorley Inall Taynuilt PS   00:16:52  
7th Dylan Jack + Alasdair Macphail Cairneyhill PS   00:19:36  
8th Matthew Leitch + Kyle Ferguson Cairneyhill PS   00:20:40  
9th Kieran Orr Gargieston PS   00:24:00  
10th Alex Sutton Crathes PS   00:34:03 00:10:00
11th Matthew Falconer + Alec Davidson Cairneyhill PS   00:37:09  
12th Jamie Bradshaw + Cameron Henderson Cairneyhill PS   00:42:54 00:10:00
13th Lewis Smith + Darren Donaldson Cairneyhill PS   00:48:34 00:10:00
14th Cameron Kemp Crown PS   00:52:09 00:20:00
15th Trygg Hansen + David Coom Heriot PS   01:01:12  

P7 Girls



Pos Name School P/S Year B/G Time Penalty
1st Lizzie Stansfield Newton PS   00:11:42  
2nd Megan Keith Crown PS   00:12:28  
3rd Josie McGarvey Banchory PS   00:18:19  
4th Fiona Eades + Beth Logan Heriot PS   00:19:15  
5th Erynn Riddel Crown PS   00:19:48  
6th Fiona Lowrie + Molly Cooch Cairneyhill PS   00:21:17  
7th Rowan Chisholm Taynuilt PS   00:21:57  
8th Sara Miller + Holly McMillan Gargieston PS   00:22:48  
9th Cari Boyle + Claire Robertson Gargieston PS   00:23:24  
10th Freya Waudby-West Crown PS   00:23:49  
11th Kirsty McHattie Crathes PS   00:24:55  
12th Hannah Galloway + Kiera McGuffie Gargieston PS   00:25:31  
13th Eilidh Ferguson + Jody Beveridge Cairneyhill PS   00:27:26  
14th Lauren Nicol + Molly McFarlane Gargieston PS   00:29:08  
15th Nina Hutcheon Banchory PS   00:30:10 00:10:00
16th Sarah Johnstone + Nicole Sloanes Cairneyhill PS   00:31:20  
17th Isla O'Donoghue Dalbeattie PS   00:35:51  
18th Evie McCracken + Rachel Kerr Gargieston PS   00:36:29 00:10:00
19th Portia Clark + Phoebe Griffiths Strachan PS   00:36:31  
20th Taylor Deans + Megan Milne Stockdale Cairneyhill PS   00:37:53  
21st Holly Todd + Sophie Todd Gargieston PS   00:41:10  
22nd Meghan Hood + Caleece Albans Cairneyhill PS   00:41:49  

S1 Boys


2.475km 20m

Pos Name School P/S Year B/G Time Penalty
1st Luke Graham Banchory Acad   00:13:00  
2nd= Yousuf Khursheed Earlston HS   00:13:38  
2nd= Alistair Chapman Banchory Acad   00:13:38  
4th John Getliff Banchory Acad   00:14:42  
5th Alasdair Lilley Oban HS   00:15:26  
6th Pablo Alvarez Icasa Millburn Acad   00:17:14  
7th Callum Weston Earlston HS   00:17:16  
8th Ben Brown Firrhill HS   00:17:46  
9th Ewan Shearer Oban HS   00:20:47  
10th Mathew Gilbert Biggar HS   00:34:57  
11th Angus Urquhart Biggar HS   00:37:30  

S1 Girls


2.425km 5m

Pos Name School P/S Year B/G Time Penalty
1st Eilidh Campbell Banchory Acad   00:13:52  
2nd Jenny Blackwood Millburn Acad   00:13:59  
3rd Kirsty Campbell Banchory Acad   00:14:20  
4th Eilidh Shearer Oban HS   00:14:54  
5th Claire McGarvey Banchory Acad   00:16:23  
6th Emily Hunter Oban HS   00:21:28  
7th Alex Livingston Castle Douglas HS   00:24:18  
8th Laura Scobie Castle Douglas HS   00:26:50  
9th Rachel Philips Biggar HS   00:34:09  
10th Molly Ritchie Biggar HS   00:39:41  
11th Rachel Hill Biggar HS   01:15:42 01:00:00

S2 Boys


2.625km 25m

Pos Name School P/S Year B/G Time Penalty
1st Joseph Wright Banchory Acad   00:13:17  
2nd Daniel Skinner Banchory Acad   00:18:14  
3rd Alexander Stormonth Biggar HS   00:19:11  
4th Marc Heger Earlston HS   00:21:26  
5th Leo Thompson Banchory Acad   00:29:55 00:10:00
6th David McConkey Biggar HS   00:36:38  
7th Connor Grierson Biggar HS   01:17:45 00:10:00

S2 Girls


2.475km 25m

Pos Name School P/S Year B/G Time Penalty
1st Grace Molloy Mary Erskine Sch   00:14:56  
2nd Jura McMillan Lochgilphead HS   00:15:05  
3rd Mairi Eades Galashiels Acad   00:17:03  
4th Elena Heger Earlston HS   00:18:44  
5th Maia Hely Mary Erskine Sch   00:19:39  
6th Niamh Ritchie + Eliza Stirling Mary Erskine Sch   00:22:17  
7th Claire Cowan Biggar HS   00:24:21  
8th Hannah Ewing + Eilidh Cane Mary Erskine Sch   00:27:07  
9th Alysia Runcie + Lucie Morren Mary Erskine Sch   00:30:49  
10th Jill Hamilton Biggar HS   00:31:33  
11th Eilidh Sandilands Biggar HS   00:37:26  
12th Ally Ferguson Biggar HS   00:37:59  
13th Abby Orr + Anna Hogarth Mary Erskine Sch   00:38:17  
14th Natalie McKendrick + Hilary Yuen Biggar HS   00:43:45  
15th Marea MacConnell Biggar HS   00:47:42 00:10:00
16th Natasha Oldcorn + Annabella Deane Mary Erskine Sch   00:48:40  
17th Catherine McHardy + Iona Ward Mary Erskine Sch   00:52:33  

S3 Boys


3.1km 30m

Pos Name School P/S Year B/G Time Penalty
1st Finlay Todd Fortrose Acad   00:15:26  
2nd James Ackland George Heriots Sen   00:16:32  
3rd Tom Lines Oban HS   00:16:52  
4th Freddie Carcas George Heriots Sen   00:17:00  
5th Jake Chapman Banchory Acad   00:17:27  
6th Faisal Khursheed Earlston HS   00:17:48  
7th Callum Hunter Oban HS   00:18:45  
8th Patrick Heger Earlston HS   00:21:03  
9th Rowan White Charleston Acad   00:21:14  
10th Calum Urquehart George Heriots Sen   00:21:19  
11th Sebastian Mitchell George Heriots Sen   00:22:52  
12th Stuart Waitt George Heriots Sen   00:27:25  
13th Alexander Toal Biggar HS   00:30:39  
14th Andrew Lacey Biggar HS   00:31:30  
15th Andrew Allison Earlston HS   00:34:20 00:10:00
16th Francis Malarky + Jordan Bain John Paul Acad   00:48:54  
17th Jack Wilson Biggar HS   00:52:42  

S3 Girls


2.6km 25m

Pos Name School P/S Year B/G Time Penalty
1st Abigail Mason Banchory Acad   00:13:38  
2nd Emma Wilson Bearsden Acad   00:13:40  
3rd Lindsay Robertson Bearsden Acad   00:14:29  
4th Emma Baird Oban HS   00:14:52  
5th Roanne Lilley Oban HS   00:15:07  
6th Clare Stansfield Dunblane HS   00:17:30  
7th Megan Ricketts Banchory Acad   00:18:13  
8th Katie Skinner Banchory Acad   00:18:17  
9th Jade Dowell Oban HS   00:25:32  
10th Meghan Foy + Rebekah Edgar John Paul Acad   00:28:12  
11th Caitlin Henderson Bearsden Acad   00:30:11  
12th Holly Pickett Dunblane HS   00:33:33  

S4 Boys


4.4km 35m

Pos Name School P/S Year B/G Time Penalty
1st Samuel Galloway Boroughmuir HS S2B 00:26:00  
2nd Ewan McMillan Banchory Acad   00:31:35  
3rd Ross McMurtrie Aboyne Acad   00:33:24  
4th David Thomson Biggar HS   01:36:21  
5th Andrew Colgan Biggar HS   01:40:34 00:10:00
6th Oscar Yuen Biggar HS   02:22:37 00:40:00

S4 Girls


3.9km 20m

Pos Name School P/S Year B/G Time Penalty
1st Rosie Getliff Banchory Acad   00:41:32  
2nd Megan Warnock Biggar HS   00:45:59  
3rd Laura Neville Biggar HS   00:55:50  
4th Ailsa O'Donoghue Dalbeattie HS   00:59:59  
5th Jane Hamilton+ Chloe Cowan Biggar HS   01:01:25  

S5/6 Boys


4.4km 35m

Pos Name School P/S Year B/G Time Penalty
1st Alex Carcas George Heriots Sen   00:24:54  
2nd Daniel Stansfield Dunblane HS   00:27:55  
3rd Thomas Wilson Bearsden Acad   00:29:08  
4th Patrick Blood George Heriots Sen   00:39:26  
5th Jamie Peden Oban HS   00:43:26  
6th Alasdair Fennell George Heriots Sen   00:48:49  
7th Jack Poole North Berwick HS   01:11:55 00:30:00

S5/6 Girls


3.9km 20m

Pos Name School P/S Year B/G Time Penalty
1st Jennifer Ricketts Banchory Acad   00:26:33  
2nd Cara McMurtrie Aboyne Acad   00:38:08  
3rd Shona McNab Firrhill HS   00:39:12  
4th Jessica McClintick Firrhill HS   00:50:16  
5th Catriona Robertson Bearsden Acad   00:54:02  
6th Zoe Puyriguad Firrhill HS   00:54:39