Selection criteria for Scottish School Teams & Select Teams for WSCO 2009


Scotland is an individual member country of the International Schools Sport Federation (ISF) and can therefore send School and thereafter Select Teams to WSCO 2009 in Spain.


The ISF rules state that to be eligible for selection, participants must take part in their own Country’s National Schools’ Event.


In Scotland this event is the Annual Scottish Schools Orienteering Festival held each June. As this Event is designed to facilitate success for youngsters who have been introduced to the sport through their school, the technical standard is set below that of the courses at WSCO – equivalent to Technical Difficulty 3 / Orange Standard.


Following the Festival, all Secondary Schools who field Teams on the day shall receive a letter from the SSOA Secretary asking for an indication if the school wishes to be considered for the Autumn Selection Races as well as an indication of the projected cost per person (£500) that will need to be paid by the end of October 2008.


Potential members of any Select Team shall also have a letter sent to their Headteacher and a formal reply is again required by the date below.


This letter must be formally replied to by the 27th June 2008 to guarantee future involvement be that School or Select Teams.



Consequently, the event held in the Autumn is for School Teams & individuals who, from the results of SSOF, could possibly qualify as a School Team – minimum of 3, maximum of 5 – or be part of a Select Team if this option is available. The technical standard of these courses is above that of the SSOF i.e. Technical Difficulty 4 equating to Light Green Standard.