Scottish Schools Orienteering Association

Scottish Schools Orienteering Festival

Pollok Country Park, Glasgow

3th June 2005


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Planner’s Comments

Even after 10 years of Festivals, planning the SSOF still remains a big, big challenge and I still wonder if we (SSOA) still expect far too much from youngsters with limited experience of our sport. As a teacher who does teach Orienteering in Core PE, SG & Higher PE I have personal experience of the issue but unfortunately no magical solution to offer.

From the results where regular orienteers have competed they come out top but in many cases the spread of times is far too long for my liking.

For those in the Primary Classes I don’t think the courses could be made any more straightforward – Orienteering is not easy especially when the participants are bursting with energy and their motivation means that running fast and eyesight take priority over the map reading.

I believe the planner’s dilemma is focused on those of a Secondary Age. Most of these pupils - for who this Festival was designed in the first place- may have either experienced some form of Orienteering at an Outdoor Centre or through their PE Curriculum. The most likely venue will be a familiar school campus and if they are fortunate a local park.

Theoretically in “O” language the courses are planned to White > Yellow > Orange > Light Green technical standards. I am now personally considering if we should start to make the courses technically easier (drop light green) but make them a wee bit longer.

For me the bottom line is FUN & SUCCESS !!! There were lots of smiling faces on a lovely day but I still think we have to look at what we offer to enhance enjoyment & success.

Terry O’Brien
St.Thomas Aquinas Secondary


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