About the Scottish Schools Orienteering Association

In 1994, the last Scottish Schools' Orienteering Championships was held at Drummond Hill, Kenmore. This marked a turning point for the sport as the event had become one for Orienteers who attended School rather than School Children who had been introduced to Orienteering by their school. The numbers attending were plunging & a change of emphasis was required.

Since being reformed in 1994, the SSOA's main achievements have been the organising of the Annual Schools' Festival- for P5/6 > S6 on the first Friday in June each year & the hosting of the 2008 World Schools' Championships in Edinburgh.

The SSOA primarily exists to encourage schools to embrace orienteering through their formal / informal curriculum & to provide an Annual Festival where the basics of Orienteering can be challenged.

As explained above, the objective of the Festival is guaranteed success for pupils who are introduced to Orienteering through their own school curriculum. This is not to say that orienteers who attend school (but their school hasn't as yet embraced Orienteering as part of their PE or Outdoor Education or Geography Classes are ineligible) what is being explained is that the technical standards that schools can achieve in limited time & limited terrain are far below that of your regular orienteer and orienteers who enter the SSOF should find the courses easier than their normal Colour or Regional Standard.



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