Scottish Schools’ Orienteering Festival

Hopetoun House - Friday 7 June 2019

The Festival is aimed at pupils who have been introduced to orienteering through their school and the courses will be set at a level that will allow success for all pupils who have grasped the basic skills. Courses will be set for Primary 5 and upwards.

The Festival will be held on Friday 7 June with the closing date for entries being Thursday 30 May 2019.

Final Details - v2 Download the pdf version.



Hopetoun House, South Queensferry, EH30 9RW.


GR of Entrance to estate: NT101789
The estate is signposted from EH30 9RW Farquhar Terrace, South Queensferry.   There is a Brown sign to Hopetoun House along this minor road, follow for 1.5 miles then enter the estate at a large entrance sign on the south side of the road. Once inside the estate, follow the road westwards through a gate to a y-junction and veer right following the O-sign (don’t go to the public car park). Shortly thereafter, turn left in front of the house and follow marshals. Exit back along the same route.

Please note that the maximum height for coaches is 4.1 m! (13'6")

Note: Do not use Hopetoun House postcode EH30 9SL to navigate to the estate as this leads to a locked gate.

On Arrival

On arrival at parking one adult should please make your way to the registration/download area which will be in the Education Room which is located in the northern wing of the main house (right hand side as you look at it).

Here you will be able to collect your SI dibbers for the electronic timing and receive any last minute information. Please remind any of your pupils who have an SI dibber to bring this with them. Take care to give the correct dibber to each pupil and any unused dibbers are returned. Warn the pupils that lost dibbers will cost the school £30.

We will also ask you to complete a form giving us the name and mobile number of the person to be contact in case of emergency. Pupil assembly is on the grass area to the right of the main house. This area is very near the start/finish.

Terrain and Safety

The terrain is a mix of well groomed parkland, formal gardens and pasture fields. The planner has supplied the following helpful information about what your pupils can expect in the area.


Please note that there was a mistake in the initial information. The map scale is 1:7500 with the contour interval at 5 m.
The legend is covered by control descriptions but the following might be helpful – dark green are mostly thickets of rhododendron; large trees in the deer park are marked as white; smaller staked tress in the deer park are marked as green dots.
Control descriptions are only printed on the map and there are no loose copies.


The start will be very close to the main house and to car parking. All areas to the west (back) of the house will be out of bounds to competitors before their run – please keep to the area in front of the house where the minibuses will be parked. All competitors will punch at the start to start the electronic timing. There will be no loose descriptions.


Pupils visit all the controls on their course in order and use the SI dibber to punch the SI box at each control. There will be a sample near the start for pupils not familiar with the process. At this event contactless punching is not being used.
This year, pupils who cannot find controls or visit the wrong one will not be disqualified but will have a 10 minute penalty for each one missing. Pupils who deliberately miss controls may still be disqualified.


Please ask all runners to punch the finish control and then proceed to the download as quickly as possible. This will help to ensure that the results can be processed as soon as possible.
Toilets/Café - these are near the registration/download


Provisional results will be on display in or near registration/download and on the internet at

Prize Giving

This will take place as soon as possible after 1.15 pm. Current trophy holders – please return these to registration on arrival.

In the Primary School courses the first three runners will receive an individual award and those in places four to six will receive a memento.

In the Secondary courses the first three finishers will receive a individual award.

Team awards in the Primary will be given to the first three Schools based on the combined times of their first three finishers and in the Secondary courses Team awards will be given based on the overall entry.


Please help us to keep litter to a minimum by encouraging your pupils to either use the bins provided or take litter home. Runners are asked not to take food or drink out on their course as this inevitably leads to litter being dropped. Thank you for your co-operation with this matter.


Course, Year Group, Length
1, P5/6 Girls, 2.1 km
2, P5/6 Boys, 2.3 km
3, P7 Girls, 2.4 km
4, P7 Boys, 2.5 km
5, S1 Boys, 3.4 km
6, S1/S2 Girls, 3.8 km
7, S2/3 Boys, 4.3 km
8, S3/4 Girls, 4.7 km
9, S4-6 Boys, 5.8 km

JOK Chasing Sprint Event

Please see the attached flyer giving details of the 2019 JOK Chasing Sprint which will be televised live this year by BBC Scotland. The organisers have kindly offered at free entry to our winning senior school teams.


The SSOA would like to thank the following people for their invaluable support of this year's Festival:

Organiser - Anne Thom, ESOC
Planner - Katy Lessells, ESOC
Computing and Results - Robin and Sheila Strain, ELO; Ben Brown, ESOC
Donald Jackson and all of the staff at Hopetoun House and Estate
All of our on the day volunteer helpers
All teachers, parents and helpers who have organised the school teams
SOA Development staff

Entry Fees

School Registration Fee of £5 to cover general administration costs and affiliation to Scottish Schools’ Orienteering Association. The entry fee is £3.00 per participant (ie £6.00/pair)


Please use the official forms that you can download below and ensure that

Entry Form

Entry Form Summary

Postal Entries should be sent to:
7 St Ninians
ML11 7HX

Postmarked no later than 30th May 2019.

Current Trophy holders should ensure that all Individual and Team Trophies be returned befor or on the day of the event.

More Information


Updated: 6rd June 2019


V2 – 3/6/19 – Corrected course to classes table. Added note about results.


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The Scottish Schools' Festival is supported by -

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