Scottish Schools' Orienteering Festival
2017 - Friday 2nd June

Drumpellier Country Park

Updated: 29th May 2017

The Festival is aimed at pupils who have been introduced to orienteering through their school and the courses will be set at a level that will allow success for all pupils who have grasped the basic skills. Courses will be set for Primary 5 and upwards.

The Festival will be held on Friday 2 June with the closing date for entries being 23rd May 2017. Please note earlier than normal date to allow time for printing and avoid the holiday week-end.


Simple results and split times

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Final details

Final Details and Start List are now available.


Drumpellier Country Park is near Coatbridge; North East of the junction of the M8 and M73 motorways. Detailed travel directions will be available when Start Times are published on SOA/SSOA Webpage.


Drumpellier has a variety of terrain including short grass, mixed woodland containing lots of paths and some rough open areas. Like many areas the high winds of last winter have taken their toll on the woodland but the map has been updated to reflect this.


The map and courses from the 2014 Scottish Schools' Orienteering Festival can be seen on the Routegadget website.


These will be set from P5-S6 as shown on the entry summary sheet. The main factor about the courses is that they will be planned to provide maximum success for the participants. It is however, presumed that all participants will have had some practical experience of orienteering at School and are familiar with an orienteering map. Pupils may enter any course as a solo participant or as part of a pair. If a School wishes to enter a mixed pair these runners should be entered on the boys event. Pairs should be bracketed on the entry form.

Pupils should know that the correct controls should be visited in order. If they do not manage that they will be given penalties rather than being disqualified.


The start and finish will both be very close to the car park to allow easy supervision of your pupils. This will be in the vicinity of the visitor centre and toilets, changing areas and some refreshments will be available.

Start times

Start times will be available from 10.00 am until 12.30 pm. Please note that runners from the same School, and on the same course, will start at least 4 minutes apart therefore your first start time will need to allow all your entries to begin by 12.30.

Electronic Timing

We will again be using the Sportident system of timing. Each competitor/pair will be issued with an electronic "dibber" to use on their course at the start area. If your pupils are unfamiliar with this system let us know and we will arrange for a demonstration before your first start time. Pupils who are regular orienteers may have their own "dibber" which they can use. Please add the Sportident number to the entry sheet.

Unfortunately, we have to charge schools £30 for any dibbers lost by their pupils although, happily, this is a very rare occurence.


Awards to 1st 3 individuals on each course. Team awards will be made where there are sufficient entries. Winning Teams are decided by adding the first three finish times.


Will be made at the end of the event as soon as final results are available.

Entry Fees

School Registration Fee of £5 to cover general administration costs and affiliation to Scottish Schools’ Orienteering Association. The entry fee is £2.00 per participant (ie £4.00/pair)


Please use the official forms that you can download below and ensure that

Entry Form

Entry Form Summary

Send your entry to:

7 St Ninians
ML11 7HX

Postmarked no later than 23th May 2017.

Current Trophy holders should ensure that all Individual and Team Trophies are returned before or on the day of the event.

More Information

Mr Blair Young
PE Department
Biggar High School
John’s Loan
ML12 6AG

Tel: 01899 222050
Fax: 01899 222051


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The Scottish Schools' Festival is supported by -

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Scottish Schools' Orienteering Association
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